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#Dallas rapper mo3_badazz was arrested this morning at his condo in Downtown Dallas by US Marshals for a fight that took place in February…. he now has a $100,000 bond! & he’s on parole until 2021 for Aggravated robbery from years prior & could be facing up to 30 years in prison if found guilty.


MDA™ The God On WordPress

MDA is poised to be the next big thing on the hiphop scene. He isn’t afraid to work for success, as evidenced by his moniker: MDA is an abbreviation for Most Dedicated Artist. His latest track, Run Up A Bag, is now available for streaming on SoundCloud. Give it a listen and keep an eye out for more exclusive music.

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MDA™ The God On WordPress
Artist To Watch Out For
RC $pitta is gunning to put his home state and his Burn Money Music group on the map, and to ramp things up, the Portland, Oregon-by-way-of-Texas artist has enlisted help from producers Bentley Hvze, Posse, Floornug and more for his new seven-track debut EP The Definition of Versatility

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CEO Of “MadnessBeginsTV” Chuck B’z Links Up With MDA

Chuck B’z links up with MDA and is currently in the process of working on the music video to MDA’s single “Kickstand” released earlier this year on soundcloud by the west coast lyricist. They’re sure to turn some heads with this one stay tuned.

Blac Youngsta & 2 others arrested for Young Dolph Shooting in Charlotte.

Do you remember back in February of this year when Young Dolph vehicle was shot up over 100 times in Charlotte?

Well according to sources Blac Youngsta was involved in the shooting. This morning he and two others guys surrendered to police after warrants were issued for an arrest.

Records show that he’s being charged with 4 counts of discharging a firearm into occupied property.

He is currently still in police custody.

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Juss Russ Radio’s Article About MDA.

Stream Kickstand by MDA on Juss Russ Radio. MDA is an trendy Hip-Hop artist from Rialto, California. 24 and breaking into the industry as a serious artist, MDA is using the free streaming platforms to break into the industry, gain followers, increase plays and check out reviews. His Music has been a passion for over 10 years. Dropping Kickstand is just the starter, the appetizer so to speak. His lyrics are swift and smooth, the hooks are on the same level as a well seasoned performer and he is just getting started. No doubt the plays are gonna be crazy and reviews streaming in. Stream Kickstand and others by connecting with him on SoundCloud. 


Kendrick Lamar’s​ “DAMN” Goes Platinum.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ll be the 1st to stand up for J. Cole, He’s no doubt a legend in the game. That’s undeniable, it took him 4 MONTHS to go Platinum! Kendrick just did it in under a month. That’s amazing, that’s love he holding​ the WESTCOAST on his back! Cali been here and we ain’t leaving!!image