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Determined to get some clout under his belt, MDA is soon releasing his anticipated music video “Kickstand”. “jussrussradio“, “artistsounds” & “Btruentertainment“, These blog sites had nothing but good news about the west coast artist’s song. It is featured on his upcoming E.P. “Most Dedicated” we look forward to more from this talented artist. Feel free to leave your thoughts here

MDA™ The God On WordPress

RC $pitta back in the lab while already blessing us with #TDOV video preview here:


Check out @vicelifeis’s Tweet:

Kendrick Lamar’s​ “DAMN” Goes Platinum.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ll be the 1st to stand up for J. Cole, He’s no doubt a legend in the game. That’s undeniable, it took him 4 MONTHS to go Platinum! Kendrick just did it in under a month. That’s amazing, that’s love he holding​ the WESTCOAST on his back! Cali been here and we ain’t leaving!!image